A mistake from Asha Bhosle while recording with Kishorkumar in 1955 film Baap re Baap that goes undetected

Rameshbhai Badheka from Ahmedabad was consultant cum Trainer with Pepsi Company for the State of Gujarat and Maharashtra for 7 years. Twice a year Pepsi Co. has tradition to arrange a function to distribute prizes and certificates win by Sales staff in which they called Brand Ambassador from Bollywood and Crickets with them lunch/dinner and photosations. This function was at Ummed Hotel, which is near Ahmedabad Airport on 25-1-2001 exactly 1 day before Earthquake at Ahmedabad and Kutchh, hence it was important to Him as He has cancelled His company tour to Kutchha were He had planned to go to Kutchha with family. The booked hotel was totally collapsed and They could save their life because of this invitation to attend. Therefore He have framed this Photograph.

Dipakbhai Bhatt, A’Bad says,

“I have taken training of motivation for 3 days from Rameshbhai Badhekji on behaf of GOG. He had nicely trained us how to keep balance of tension in office and in personal life and keep life happy, tension free life among all odds , with proper life planning. According to me he must have trained more then 1 lac goverment employees including IAS anad IPS officers in Gandhinagar and in districts.”

WE wish him all the best in life.

Now come on the Main Point ….. about NEWS Story

रमेशभाई बधेका हिन्दी, गुजराती, English फिल्मो के encyclopedia है lफिल्मो की बहुत कुछ ऐसी नई बाते है जो हमको पता नहीं होती, वो सबकी जानकारी हमको देते रहेते है l ऐसी ही एक बात जो 1955 की फिल्म “बाप रे बाप” से जुडी हुई है l

1955 की फिल्म के रिकॉर्डिंग के वक्त आशा भोसले से एक गलती हो गई l किशोर कुमार की लाइन में वोह गलती से बोल पड़ी l means आशाजी को ऐसा लगा की अब उसे गाना है l संगीतकार O P Naiyer ने गाना कट करना चाहा l तब किशोर दा ने रोक दिया और कहा मै फिल्म में इसे सुधार लूंगा; क्योंकि चांद उस्मानी के हीरो खुद किशोर दा थे। पिक्चराइजेशन के वक़्त किशोर दा ने गलत लाइन गाते वक़्त चांद उस्मानी के मुहपे हाथ रखते हुए अपनी लाइन चालु रखी। चांद उस्मानी ने भी आशा जी की गलत लाइन गाने की कोशिश जारी रखी । और एक अजरामर गलती पता ही नही चली।

you can Enjoy the song - from Film “Baap re baap” from below link ::


आप देखिएगा , आप को पता नहीं चलेगा ! फिर भी हम बता देते है की वो गलती 2 मिनिट – 10 सेकण्ड के उपर दिखाई देगी l